Tableau Managed Services

Maximize Your Tableau Investment

If you want to exploit all the benefits of Tableau, our data scientists and dashboard designers can help. We are well-versed in the integration and manipulation of data, have the know-how to quickly transform your requirements into insightful analysis and have the creative eye to make it all come together aesthetically.

Platform Advisory Services

From capacity planning to platform architecture and design, Lancet is prepared to provide the assistance and expertise you need for a well-performing and stable Tableau Server platform. We can provide an architecture review based on requirements and best practices within the industry as well as pre-production planning that supports installation, monitoring, upgrades and back-ups. We will identify, analyze and resolve any potential gaps in service or security to keep your Tableau platform, server and applications operating smoothly at all times.

Optimize Your Tableau Platform

Increase your efficiency, improve your operations and allow your staff to focus on more strategic activities while we maintain peak performance of your Tableau platform. Define your needs and services you require, and we will provide dedicated Business Intelligence professionals that deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions for organizations of all sizes.

  • Excellent data visualization, which allows profound insights to be obtained from all data without requiring sophisticated skills.
  • High processing speed before visualization.
  • Its introduction or development does not require a specialized engineer.
  • A desktop application version can be introduced for one or more users and a single computer. It can also be expanded to a server version depending on the status of its use. It can be started small and can be developed in accordance with the return on investment, effectively controlling initial introduction costs, maintenance costs and other IT-related investments.


If you wish to exploit all the benefits of Tableau, our data scientists and dashboard designers can.

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