Platform Maintenance

A business relies heavily on data, data from various sources like spreadsheets, databases and other software programs. Business Intelligence helps analyze these data for better understanding of the company’s internal and external strengths and weaknesses. After developing and implementing the Business Intelligence software, companies spend more time and money on managing these BI tools, so that they can reap its benefits. These administration tasks are passed on to the IT team, which becomes an added burden to the their already full plate. This is where Lancet comes in, by providing a 24×7 solution to the BI administration, thus allowing your team to focus on your core business competencies. Here are the services we provide,


MicroStrategy Managed Services

Tableau Managed Services

Our managed services experts provide cost-efficient maintenance,
administration and management of MicroStrategy solutions
to deliver industry best-practices that enable peak
performance and stability.

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We are well-versed in the integration and manipulation of
data, have the know-how to quickly transform your
requirements into insightful analysis and have the creative eye to
make it all come together aesthetically.

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Microsoft Managed Services

Our SQL Server expertise, application knowledge and problem solving skills
yield unprecedented value for your SQL Server DBA and database development challenges.

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