When you need MicroStrategy consulting services that will elevate your business, Scholite is the right choice. Scholite can help you institute the most effective Business Intelligence solutions that harness the complete power of MicroStrategy.

Scholite has one of the most experienced, tenured and cohesive teams of MicroStrategy professionals in the world. Every Scholite employee has access to our vast skills and best practices that they’ll utilize on your behalf. As your most complex challenges arise, you have the experience and knowledge of the entire Scholite team providing options and solutions. Make faster, better business decisions with easy, powerful, and secure tools to explore data and share insights.

Get the benefits from Scholite as we help you with a suite of intuitive and interactive data discovery tools to discover patterns, trends and relationships hidden in your raw data. Stop looking at grids and start visualizing your data. The MicroStrategy Platform simplifies access and visibility to real-time information, connecting data across corporate sources and enabling better and faster business decisions.



Installation and configuration, establishing user accounts, connecting with a data warehouse and security set-up


Defining your business intelligence strategy and laying out a roadmap for MicroStrategy within your company


Modify MicroStrategy to cater to your needs


Move content from another business intelligence system into MicroStrategy


Improve the performance by employing best practices


Ensure smooth operation with Lancet’s 24×7 Support offering that provides online support and scheduled health checks


MicroStrategy Mobile

Working with Scholite, you get to build your own app, without any need to code or program. Touch-optimized reporting, analysis, and monitoring enable companies to analyze the data stored across their enterprise, helping them to leverage insights that inform better business decisions. From bubble charts and network graphs to data-driven calendars, time series charts and interactive grids galore, a wide range of visualization options deliver an immersive analytical experience that can be integrated into any part of your decision-workflow and mobile apps.

Mobile BI is on the go and looks cooler than a big stack of papers with you at all times. Use MicroStrategy Mobile BI to get answers right there on the fly with devices such as an iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. MicroStrategy provides a platform with technologies to capitalize on the big data, mobile, cloud, and social media trends.

MicroStrategy Managed Services

Our complete end-to-end management of your MicroStrategy business Intelligence
environment provides cost-efficient maintenance, administration and management
of MicroStrategy solutions to deliver industry best-practices that enable
peak performance and stability.

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