Scholite’s Consulting Services leverage deep domain know-how to eliminate lengthy, expensive recruitment processes and efficiently manage available resources. Our specialists deliver quality, cost-effective solutions that equip companies with a competitive edge and the ability to respond quickly to changing business and technological requirements. We combine the world’s top data talent with mature methodologies and flexible, month-to-month contracts to ensure our clients receive a level of service that is of finest quality. We will help you optimize your ability in leveraging data and turn it into actionable insight.

Improve your decision-making and establish efficient, effective and data-driven workplaces with the help of our expert resources contributing the deep skills that you need.Working together, we collaborate with companies of all sizes across all aspects of your BI program, providing strategic leaders and BI architects to business analysts and hands-on developers.


Business Intelligence


The need for Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions is
more immediate now than ever before. The objective now is to make
the best use of all the data in a company.

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Scholite’s Data Integration services encompasses a broad
range of offerings like, Extract-Transform-Load, operational
integration, master data management.

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Database Services

Platform Maintenance

Scholite’s SQL Server Solutions are exceptionally designed to provide
exceptional SQL Server database support.

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Scholite offers both individuals and enterprises the opportunity to
become fluent in Business Intelligence, its features, and its uses.

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