Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing is the right choice for you if you wish to enjoy the flexibility of expanding your staff, have your projects moving forward, and reducing burden over your employees shoulders. Scholite can help you get qualified employees for your short-term needs. It is important that your employees aren’t overloaded, which will disturb their productivity and reliability, this can be avoided by hiring highly skilled individuals with broad experience on a contract basis. Thus saving your company valuable resources and time in the long run.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

You can go for Scholite’s Contract-to-Hire if you wish to observe, monitor and screen the employee on the job before hiring them as a permanent employee of your organization. This arrangement is mutually beneficial for both the Company and the Candidate as it ensures a healthy working relationship before you both make the long-term commitment.

Volume Staffing

When your staffing requirement scales up from an individual to a team, whether its a project requiring a hundred candidates for a month or a year, Scholite’s exceptional staffing resources will enable you to fill your staffing requirements effectively and quickly. What matters most is finding the right people with the skills to do the job.

Time and Material

Scholite can provide staffing solutions when projects have tasks outlined to the number of hours spent. Scholite has supported many client with projects involving the installation, testing and troubleshooting of client infrastructure systems and other related technologies. With Time and Material Staffing, we will charge our clients for all of the hours of work performed, any direct expenses and materials invested during project delivery.

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