1. Onsite Staffing

This model is well-suited where our BI team is required to be close to the client’s stakeholders, the project scope is not clearly defined, or a project is open-ended and iterative in nature. Throughout the assignment our consultants report to an onsite manager and also report back to our offices on a regular basis.

Scholite’s technical recruiting personnel are considered to be among the finest in the industry. All individuals have a technology background and are trained in understanding resource and technological requirements. We provide highly skilled and experienced business and technical resources to our clients as a Staff Augmentation offering. We maintain a database of resources both in the US and India, and work with numerous staffing firms to help insure a rapid response to filling open requirements.

2. Offsite Staffing

A dedicated offsite software development team is the best approach for clients that have projects that are critical in time, scope, technical or intellectual property considerations. We serve you with the ability to have quality IT resources offshore working for your organization like an extension of your in-house teams.

Scholite provides cost-effective BI development and administration through an offshore facility in India for small to mid-size companies that want to cut their development cost. Clients can save a lot on costs compared to on-site technical staffing. The offshore team is dedicated to you, works only for you, and you are in complete control.

3. On & Offsite Staffing

Our On & Offsite Model or the Hybrid Model combines onsite and offsite delivery models for better-quality results and maximizes efficiency in terms of both resources and costs. Typically, the planning stages of a project are executed onsite at the client’s office, subsequent development and support phases are carried out offsite/offshore at Lancet’s location.

The challenges associated with the Hybrid Model, such as administration costs and cross-cultural communications, are overcome through well-documented and tested processes. Our experience enables us to deliver quality solutions in guaranteed time.

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